New product & new bottle
Winner European EDGE Innovation award 2011

We believe that in order to live on this earth we do not have to exhaust earth’s resources or leave residue which are not bio degradeable or reusable but by shifting and stimulating natural processes we can have an optimal result without leaving something behind, damage or disturb. 

Earth has given us everything we need however we need to combine this in the right way.


This demands innovation and grow innovation without destroying good innovation due to power, personal gain or stay with existing...

We want innovations to be applied in a broad spectrum aiming in using natural processes and optimizing them without disrupting processes or waste to be left behind in whatever form.

Only when we deal with the earth in this manor we truly create a substainable world.


  • We want to be THE institute where people with innovations and people who are looking for innovations come to.

  • We want to make innovation more simple.

  • To apply innovations on a broader scale is primairily commercially driven and aligning with people’s behavior (marketing) and creating new application area’s (business development).

  • We are a commercial organization driven by profit and revenu but with an ideal regarding a blue (er) world.

  • We prefer growth above profit regarding the various product marketing combinations since we want to be dominant per pmc, distribution ownership and market access in order to ensure the push new products/innovations more easily.

  • In this way we create a platform for tomorrow’s successfull innovations.


Together with our partner Prograss we have won the prestigeous EDGE Benelux and European Innovation award.

Thru brainstorm sessions we have developed a brand new product which enables our partner and their distributors to upsell.

We are open to sit down with you and your organisation.


Our current partner came to us with a number of market issue's which we were able to address together and delivered a new product range.

Together with you we can develop new and innovative solutions.
AnymaGic is turning the world up-side-down with regards to "keeping away" insects. It is not a chemical and does NOT kill insects....