Impression of the different application area's improving the soil and emissions

We do not add enzymes, bacteria or micro organisms nor do we mask the smell by parfumes! Our products do not contain peroxydes or any hazardous chemicals.




A Blue World Company BV is a Dutch based organization which specializes in the production of soil improvement- and environmental improving solutions with partners based on our unique formula. Products such as BM500™, Smell Control™, TC5™, AnymaGic™, PB600™, BT10™ & SBS4™ are distributed, applied and/or sold via a (knowledge) partner network. These products help stimulate the bacteria improving the soil, cleansing the air, removing toxic waste, replacing chemicals and boosting bio filters. Our organization is based in Harderwijk (The Netherlands) and Hazeldonk/Meer (Belgium) with activities in almost all European countries.


Based upon our knowledge, experience and network we also provide services such as new product development and sustainability consultancy.

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