PRODUCTS (since 2009)

In the period 2006 - 2009 we have been developing several "ready to market" products together with strategic partners and end-users, customers who have shared their experiences helping us to optimize the products and how to apply at best. This continuous dialogue is something we appreciate and nurture since this helps us to understand the market, the users, their needs and wishes as well as complying to rules and regualtions that go along with it.

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In NL:

TURFControl has been developed to manage Thatch and Black layer.

  • Thatch will be removed and prevented from re occuring

  • The Black layer will be solved and prevented

  • The root system becomes stronger, healthier and larger

  • Water will be drained faster

  • Grass is more nutritious (meadow animals need less)

  • Especially after an event on grass, the grass will come back faster

SmellControl SC

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SmellControl has been developed out of BM500 as a "ready-to-use" product for professional cleaners, industrial use and consumers and in use by Cleaning Companies who truly aim to be sustainable


Avoiding irritating insects; AnymaGic does NOT kill insects but removes and avoids bad smell which is usually the cause which attracts insects!


Emmission control and management in and around diary farms.


In co operation with Arcadis

BM500 has been developed to avoid H2S, Methane & Sulphur.

  • Bringing back H2S ppm values to zero (0) within 1 hour after insertation regardless the PPM level;

  • Breaks down H2S in milliseconds

  • Breaks down ammonia & methane within minutes

  • Breaks down pulp (paper, toiletpaper, dipers) and such within 6 hours

  • Composting 7x faster than normal

POKON Graszodendouche

Developed together with POKON 

POKON Grass Sod Shower has been developed to support the faster (re-) growth of sod's when applied and available in the larger Garden centre's like INTRATUIN,and GROENRIJK



Is an almost unlimited oxygen source also restoring the Ph value to neutral in seconds.


Thru user experience we have learned that our product disolves glue...