Safety & REACH

A Blue World Company and it's suppliers are well prepared regarding the REACH-legislation from the European Union. This legislation demands that chemical compounds are thoroughly being tested, examined and registered in order to protect the public health and environment.The EU-legislation regarding registration and examination of and the authorization and constraints regarding chemical compounds (REACH) is effective since 1 June 2007. REACH does not only see to it that chemical compounds are being tested and registered, but also stimulates a growing need for information exchange between suppliers, customers, manufacturers, importers and governments.


Complying to REACH

We and our suppliers have prepared this for many years. Based upon a judgement of the product assortment and an inventory of all products and suppliers have fullfilled the pre application for all the activities that reside under REACH. All relevant, produced by BioMagic compounds and critical imported products are pre registered. In order to guarantee the supply of products during the implementation of REACH, A Blue World Company maintains contact with suppliers in order to reassure that all organizations of compounds comply with REACH.


Other services

Even more is being done in order to secure the conformity with the registration requirements in 2011 regarding safety reports and exposure for applicable products. A Blue World Company closely works together with suppliers, customers and the sectors to produce extended test- and documentation procedures. The government, HACCP research and conformity to REACH give A Blue World Company the fullest confidence that the products comply and contribute to the people’s health.