Sticking to our core capabilities and core competences we provide several services. Our core business is developing products together with partners and sold thru partners.

Innovation & Product Development


Based upon our product, experience and knowledge and together with Partners together we are able to adress new markets, challenges and application area's.


If and when you are interested in working with us please contact us.

Sustainability Consultancy


Based upon our knowledge, expreience and network we are able to assist you and your organisation regarding sustainability issue's, challenges and projects.

Whether this be brainstorming sessions, workshops, management, sustainability reporting and/or accountancy.


  • Brainstorm sessions

  • Workshops

  • Management

  • Sustainability Management

  • Sustainability Accountancy

Projects & Grants


Projects related to our core capabilities and products. Together with our partners and involvng our grant consultants we always aim to run and deliver profitable and succesfull projects.


  • Projects: Waste Water treatment

  • Grant Advisors familiar with emission control and water