Known application area's


  • Replacing chemicals (f.i. Iron Chloride)

  • Remove & prevent thatch

  • Remove & prevent black layer

  • Treat Algea

  • Prevent seedy toe with animals & horses

  • Sewer & waste water installations

  • Waste industry

  • Papermills

  • Asphalt factories

  • Biogass

  • Cleaning (toilets, loitering & IBA's)

  • Sceptic tanks

  • Fish farms

  • Zoo's

  • Animal hospitals

  • Morgue

  • Hospitals

  • Menure

  • Butchers

  • Food industry

  • Farming 

  • Diary



  • Ph neutral in seconds

  • Avoid H2S

  • Eliminate H2S in milliseconds

  • Improving Safety & health

  • Compliant to rules & regulations

  • Avoiding fines

  • Improved efficiency

  • Improved cleaning Service Level Agreements

  • Bigger soil buffer capacity, thus less use of water and fertilizers

  • Plant will be more resistant to diseases because of improved health

  • Lack of elements of nutrients extended because of a larger soil buffer capacity

  • Turf has a better resistance to ‘dry patch’

  • Decrease of mechanical removal of Thatch. More green fees.

  • Plant nutrients that weren’t available for the plant, are made available by microorganisms

  • Improve & enlarge the root system

  • Healthier & stronger grass

  • Prevent diseases in the vegetation

  • Meadows will have a higher food value

  • Extend asset use

  • Cost savings (up to 55%)

Soil improvement

Thru our solutions and applications we are capable to improve your soil in more than one way.In case of golf- and turf our applications can take care of the waterhousehold as well as remove and prevent Thatch.


In case of agriculture our applications can improve the culture and enrich the soil significantly which leads to improving your turnover without any vertilisor.



Our formula can treat many different area's which come down to the following topics: Odor elimination and Soil Improvement, managing emissions.


Odor elimination


We have over 10 years of experience in producing and delivering applications for the industry. We use our knowledge in order to offer full and complete solutions for for instance the decrease of Nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulphide (H2S). This will make it possible for you to comply with the growing demand and stringent laws regarding the environment. Together with you we will develop the application which suites you and your organization best.


Odor elimination & preventing hydroginesulphide.


Hydrogensulphide,H2S, is a toxic and potential deadly gas that can be present in as well as industrial installations as in wastewater-systems. The odor-elimination solutions from BM500™ do not only treat odor from wastewater-facilities, but also prevent the underlying cause: a septic state, caused by a lack of oxygen. The solutions from us and our partners consist of a total solution of products and services which guarantee an optimal treatment. In that way you will never use more then is necessary. Our partner offer services such as on-site evaluations, testing, dosing-strategies and storage equipment.