In order to support you and bring you up to speed with our technology and application area's we are organizing workshops.

"Avoiding & removing H2S​"
Date: December 9, 2014
Location: Den Bosch, Arcadis office
Time: 14:30


H2S can lead annually to complaints and issue's. Service level agreements with all the usual solution techniques and products have been around for quite some time but one can ask themselves:

- How sustainable are these solutions?

- Are they still in line with the company goals and policy?

- What is the short- and long term impact of the current of near future investment we are considering?


In our workshop we will....


Attendee profile: Waste Water Treatment clerks


Costs per person: The workshop is free for existing customers and partners.

"Efficiency & Cost savings in waste water treatment plants with BM500"
Date: tbd
Location: tbd
Time: tbd


The new and innovative product BM500 has proven to address a number of issue's as well as improve efficiency, safety & health and save costs which are related to:

- Safety & Health compliancy

- Sustainability

- Effort

- Investments

- Current chemicals in use

- ..



In our workshop we will...


Attendee profile:


Costs per person: 


"New product development and key focus markets - Application area's."​
Date: tbd
Location: tbd
Time: tbd


Our new and innovative material and composition leads to new application and solution area's. Over the past view years customer, once becoming familiar with how our material actually works and it's positive effects, start testing it in many different (problem) area's sometime finding interesting effects. After we start teaming often the end result is a totally new product adressing a specific market and problem area.




In our workshop we will ...


Attendee profile: 


Costs per person: 


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